About Us

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Who We Are?

The purpose of the Algoocean is to provide greater technological solutions to growing list of clients such as startups, corporates, industrial businesses.

Algoocean has become a household name in Mumbai, but there’s a brilliant meaning beyond the word “Algoocean”. It is derived from two words,


The word “Algo” is short for Algorithm, which means ‘A set of rules to solve problem’ and the second word ‘Ocean’ says that ‘We have ocean of solutions’.

Our founder, Hitesh selected the name “Algoocean” because the meaning was deep and different. This implies our determination and dream towards solving real-world problems of the present and future with the power and knowledge of Algorithms.

We as a software organisation exists to solve our client’s problem in an innovative way to drive the ultimate results.

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Meet Our Oceaniers!

We call ourselves “Oceaniers” to signify that, we go deep-down in the ocean to fetch and create the most suitable and customized solutions with right set of technology and perfect codes.

Our Oceaniers are driving forces behind our organization’s success.

Our Oceaniers helps collectively to bring out the perfect combination of Creativity, Compassion and Culture.

We have 90+ Oceaniers dwelling in the ocean to solve your problem and offer the best solution to all your needs.

Life At Algoocean

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Algoocean throughout the years

    • Year 2011

      This year our director started this company with 2 employee and 3 projects in hand.

    • Year 2012

      This year was special for us as during this year we got an offer from good brands.

    • Year 2013

      2.5 Million +

      We successfully crossed the net profit of 25 lakhs with tedious efforts of our team and became IT arms of big companies.

    • Year 2014
      about hitesh ahuja

      This year Hitesh Ahuja joined as a intern developer and worked with our director, Mahesh Ahuja.

    • Year 2015
      about hitesh ahuja

      In just one year, Hitesh did incredible work and got offered a full-time job from Mahesh Ahuja, but Hitesh denied the offer as he was a student struggling with time.

    • Year 2016
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      At this stage we had grown to nearly 50+ employees

    • Year 2017

      This year an organization with the strength of 50 employees was on the brink of collapse is not only difficult to manage, but also hard to get the most efficient work done by all the employees. We learned a lot in this tough situation.

    • Year 2018

      Hitesh Ahuja graduated in 2017 and he has a dream to start his own company after his graduation. He contacted Mahesh Ahuja asking for advice, and at that time Mahesh Ahuja narrated Hitesh that, they were facing losses due to lack of a good IT team and requested Hitesh to join them again. This time, Hitesh agreed. They planned to start a new venture with a new name, and they started “Algoocean”. This was our golden age of change. Our future was awaiting.

    • Year 2019
      about algoocean

      Within 1 year Our company completely changed upside-down and all the credits goes Hitesh Ahuja. His out of the box ideas, strategies and immense efforts helped with the substantial growth to whole another dimension.

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      We started making skyrocketing revenue and higher RoI. He reinterviewed all the employees and changed the whole process of recruitment and started hiring the right oceaners.

    • Year 2020

      1 Million +

      Amid the pandemic, we registered our company with the turnover of more than 1 million and turned into “Algoocean Technologies Pvt. Ltd.”

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      We also proved this pandemic to be our new opportunity to expand to health and logistics companies.We adapted to WFH culture without affecting our efficiencies.

    • Year 2021
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      We started our 2nd branch in mumbai

      about algoocean

      Got recognized by the government and completed valuable government projects.

    • Year 2022
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      Our future plan is to start an office in city of Banglore, India, which is also called as Silicon Valley of India