About Us

Who We Are?

The purpose of the Algoocean is to provide greater technological solutions to growing list of clients such as startups, corporates, industrial businesses.

Algoocean has become a household name in Mumbai, but there’s a brilliant meaning beyond the word “Algoocean”. It is derived from two words,


The word “Algo” is short for Algorithm, which means ‘A set of rules to solve problem’ and the second word ‘Ocean’ says that ‘We have ocean of solutions’.

Our founder, Hitesh selected the name “Algoocean” because the meaning was deep and different. This implies our determination and dream towards solving real-world problems of the present and future with the power and knowledge of Algorithms.

We as a software organisation exists to solve our client’s problem in an innovative way to drive the ultimate results.

Meet Our Oceaniers!

We call ourselves “Oceaniers” to signify that, we go deep-down in the ocean to fetch and create the most suitable and customized solutions with right set of technology and perfect codes.

Our Oceaniers are driving forces behind our organization’s success.

Our Oceaniers helps collectively to bring out the perfect combination of Creativity, Compassion and Culture.

We have 90+ Oceaniers dwelling in the ocean to solve your problem and offer the best solution to all your needs.

Life At Algoocean